High tech gadgets can help you sleep better, or can they?

Greenville, S.C. (WSPA)- There are new high tech gadgets and products that say they can help you sleep better at night.  But do they work?

It is said that 60 million Americans struggle with sleep, and some say technology is the problem.

“Internet basically is what keeps me awake,” said Chase Campbell.

The problem of those sleepless nights could be solved though by the growing number of gadgets, that claim to help you get more sleep.

  • Fitbits and other tracking devices.
  • Wifi enabled light bulbs that set a calm mood
  • $3449-$4999 smart beds (Sleep Number 360) that can make adjustments if you’re restless
  • $299 Zeeq pillow that monitors your sleep patterns and gently vibrate if it detects snoring

A company called Sensorwake also has a high tech alarm clock that emits scents like strong espresso to wake you up more gently.

Dr. Dominic Gault, with the Greenville Health System,  warns most of these things that are available to  consumers are not medical devices though.

Gault is studying the effects of sleep gadgets, as part of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Presidential Committee on Technology.

“I think we have to think about those things based on, ‘what does that do to our sleep?’ So a pillow that vibrates to stop you from snoring, wakes you up. If our goal is to get better sleep, is waking you up, making you better, and the answer is we don’t really know that yet,” says Gault.

He says before you overspend, going back to the basics of a nightly routine, and set bedtime, may be just what you need to sleep.

The good news Gault says is that the sleep tracking devices are encouraging more people to concentrate on sleep, but there are concerns the data doesn’t accurately reflect how well someone is, or is not sleeping.


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