Humor helps success of social media message for Clemson City Police

Clemson City Police Department gains thousands of followers on Facebook.

As the age of technology continues to grow, as does the use of social media.  The Clemson City Police Department is using their Facebook page to inform the community of arrests or crimes, but in a comical way.

For example, one post says quote, “Stop signs in Clemson are red octagon shaped signs that have the word stop in white lettering across the face. Contrary to popular belief the stop signs with white borders are not optional and the word stop is not an acronym for ‘Spin Tires On Pavement.'”

While you get a good laugh reading them, the point of the posts is to attract the community to read them, share them and pay attention on what happens in your community.

“We don’t want to do it in an embarrassing way or embarrass anyone specifically so we purposefully don’t use names or use pictures anything like that. We just want people to realize this is what we deal with and this is what goes on not just in Clemson, but in virtually every city and county across the nation,” said Chief Jimmy Dixon, Clemson City Police Department.

Two years ago, the Clemson City Police Department wasn’t even on Facebook, but now they have nearly 9,000 followers and hundreds of shares on their posts.

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