Fire Dept. smoke alarm blitz in Idlewood after fatal fire

smoke fire alarm generic

The fire department is doing a smoke alarm blitz Thursday (July 27) with the help of the Fire Marshal’s Office but they don’t want people to think they’re “fake firemen” after the incident in Greenville.

They say fire deaths are up in Spartanburg Co. and statewide.

The fire department are teaming up with the SC CLEAR (community Loss Education and Response) Team.

That is a division of the State Fire Marshall’s Office.

They want to get the word out that they will be canvassing the Idlewood Subdivision located in Spartanburg County Thursday evening around 5pm.

They will be canvassing as many residents in the neighborhood as possible performing smoke alarm inspection, and installs.

They say all fire departments will usually do a canvas after a fire in the neighborhood.

They will arrive in a fire truck and will be in uniform, wearing a badge or have ID.

They say Cherokee Springs tries to put signs up ahead of an event in the neighborhood.

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