Social media outrage after Greenville Co. deputy shoots dog

police lights generic

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Greenville Co. Sheriff’s Office is responding after a dog was shot while serving a warrant at a house next to the dog owner’s home.

The Facebook post is going viral and sparking outraged comments after Marissa Gilliland posted that her dog ‘Chico’ was outside with her husband while he was working on a car.

She says in her post that a deputy fired at Chico in her yard and kept shooting after the dog tried to run.

She had to see her dog shot 4 times, according to Gilliland.

The Greenville Co. Sheriff’s Office says the dog came at the deputy in an aggressive manner and was unrestrained.

Public Information Office Drew Pinciaro said, “In regards to the dog shooting, it is not our intent or practice to use deadly force on animals. In this situation, the dog came at the deputy in an aggressive manner while he was serving a search warrant and that is why he shot the dog. Due to the dog being aggressive and unrestrained, that is why he used the level of force he did.”

Sheriff Will Lewis issued a statement saying:

“For every instance involving a deputy’s discharge of a weapon, whether accidental or intentional, it is investigated by the Office of Professional Responsibility. This situation will be thoroughly investigated as are all situations. Once all of the evidence is garnered, and upon completion of the investigation, we will be able to release the complete details in full and not piecemeal information. At that point, the determination will be made if disciplinary action or charges should be made against any of the parties involved. It should be noted, as of the time of this release, no formal complaint has been filed with the Office of Professional Responsibility by any parties involved.”

The dog’s owner, Marissa Gilliland, posted this to Facebook:

😢PLEASE SHARE 😢My poor baby Chico was shot and killed today by Greenville county Sheriffs office he was outside with my husband while he was working on his car the police pulled up to the neighbors house they had a drug search warrant for the neighbors Chico was running outside playing and one of the officers fired at him while he was outside in my yard then my baby Chico tried to run and the officer kept on shooting him and killed my baby in my yard I had to see my baby get shot 4 times he was my best friend my everything I loved him with all my heart… justice for Chico please share keep sharing I need something done for what Greenville county sheriffs office did please keep me in your prayers.. I loved my baby so much please share on every dog page please give justice for my baby Chico thank you..😰😓

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