New program at Clemson helps growth in auto industry

New program at Clemson kicks off in a month for the automotive industry.
Clemson University unveiled a new program Thursday morning which is set to kick off next month at CU ICAR in Greenville. Hundreds of current employees within the auto industry will be able to enhance their skills with a fast track masters type program.
It’s a two semester certificate program where classes will only take place on Friday to minimize the impact to workers already in the field.
“I really think that’s going to help them stay in this area and its’ going to continue to attract more companies more supplies because as the workforce continues to be more fine tuned towards their needs you’ll find there are more BMWs and more companies clamoring for those skills,” said Mark Hoffman, Clemson University Research Assistant Professor.

This is just another step of growth in the auto industry. In total, the state has added more than 14,000 automotive jobs since 2011.