Permit for deadly Ohio State Fair ride issued to SC company

A person is attended to as authorities respond after the Fire Ball amusement ride malfunctioned injuring several at the Ohio State Fair, Wednesday, July 26, 2017, in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Steve Martin said that some of the victims were thrown from the ride when it malfunctioned Wednesday night. (Justin Eckard via AP)

COLUMBUS (WDTN/WCMH) – Ohio Governor John Kasich spoke about the Ohio State Fair incident late Wednesday evening.

Governor Kasich ordered the rides to stop after the incident.

“Make no mistake about it. It is a very sad night,” Kaisch said.

Governor Kasich also ordered that the rides remain closed until all of them are properly checked.

Columbus Division of Fire says one person is dead, five critically injured, and two are in stable condition after a ride malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair. The deceased is an 18-year-old man, according to officials.

Battalion Chief Steve Martin said two people are in stable condition. One of those injured is a 13-year-old child. Martin says one of the rows of seats on the Fire Ball ride “snapped off.”

“I want to know immediately is what are we doing with our rides,” Kasich said.

Amusements of America is the company providing rides at the state fair this year. More information about the Fire Ball can be found on their website. It is described as an “aggressive thrill ride.” Amusements of America states on its website that rides are housed and inspected at a facility that sits on a 10-acre lot in Florence, SC. The permit for the ride that malfunctioned cites the Florence address, 2907 TV Road, as the site where the ride came from.

Ride inspectors said that they usually check the ride in different stages at least 3 or 4 times before opening them.

The rides at the Ohio State Fair are now shut down, per an order from Governor John Kasich.

Governor John Kaisch said he will be at the fair tomorrow and walk around the fair. “We will get to the bottom of this. We will investigate it. There will be transparency,” Kaisch said.

Wednesday was the opening day for the Fair, which runs until August 6.

SC Office of Elevators and Amusement Rides issued the following statement about the permit

Amusements of America, based in Tennent, New Jersey, applied for permits for 21 rides to be operated at the Florence Civic Center from April 6, 2017 to April 9, 2017. A Special Inspector conducted inspections of the 21 rides, and 20 of the rides passed inspection, including the Fireball (manufactured by KMG of The Netherlands). One ride failed inspection, a children’s ride called the Rockin’ Tug. It did not receive a permit for operation at the Florence event. In addition, an LLR auditor performed audits of 10 of the Special Inspector’s inspections, including the Fireball. All of the rides audited by the LLR auditor passed the audit.

Strates Shows, based in Orlando, Florida, also owns a ride called the Fireball, manufactured by KMG. Strates’ Fireball ride was inspected at Myrtle Beach Speedway by a Special Inspector on April 6, 2017 and passed inspection. The ride inspection was audited by an LLR auditor the same day and passed the audit.

The public may view a copy of the South Carolina Amusement Ride Code and related regulations on the Department of LLR’s web site at Visitors can also use a search engine called “Amusement Ride License Lookup” to check to see which rides have been inspected, the date of the inspection, and the result of the inspection.

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