Upstate videographer faces more complaints for taking payments and not delivering the videos

An Upstate videographer 7News told you about 5 months ago, is facing new complaints, accused of taking payments and failing to deliver the videos.

Over the last three weeks 7News has been contacting Brian Kelly on behalf of clients including brides hoping to some day see their wedding video.

Avail McDowell got married in 2012. She had paid more than $2000 for a wedding video that took five years to finally arrive, after we contacted Kelly.

“My husband is my best friend, and so you know, just wanted to see that footage of our special day. I mean it was the best day of our lives,” she said.

McDowell is a number upset customers of the Greenville based videographer.

Back in February when we first met Lisa Franco, she had told us “we just want the video,”

And Kelly had told us }”My goal is to get them their products as quickly as possible.”

Today Franco said “February came and gone, March came and went, and nothing still, up until you contacted him here recently. And you, you lit a fire and we got what we got the other day, but that’s not what we paid for and he really needs to be held accountable.”

Franco got some footage delivered online, but has yet to receive her full edited video. Kelly told us it’s in the mail.

7News asked “Why haven’t you been able to get people their videos.”

“We’ve been dealing with a personal family health crisis for an extended period and it’s caused a delay in the work,” he said.

In our search for satisfied clients we met Cindy Nunweiler.

“He’s always had my videos done 2 months after.”

The owner of Dance Theater Greenville has used Brian Kelly for recitals since 2010.

And yet this year, performances he shot in March and May, have not been delivered.

“Now he’s taken and he’s not delivering. I’ve got no word from him. There’s no reason why he should not be returning my phone calls,” said Nunweiler.

The studio says between 50-60 parents filled out a form along with a check of more than $40 each. So Kelly got more than $2200 for a video that has yet to be delivered.

Vee Daniel, the President of the Better Business Bureau of the Upstate says Kelly has 7 complaints against him.

We asked her how is it that a business like this can continue to operate.

“A business can continue to operate unless there is multiple people filing in the court system. In this case there is only one case that has been filed against him,” she said.

That case filed by Franco. The judge ruled in her favor.

So we asked Kelly: “Why is it that you’re still accepting new clients even though you can’t get previous clients their video?”
“Because of the situation we haven’t accepted any new wedding clients. We still have expenses and bills and things like that. The dance video is only a couple of weeks behind and they should be seeing theirs early next week.”

Wednesday, McDowell finally received her wedding video.

“We cried, my husband and I we watched it together.”