Fisher Barton closing in Fountain Inn, 100 jobs lost

Fisher Barton announced it will end operations in September.

They say approximately 100 people will lose their jobs.

They will being shutting down in September with employees leaving on a phased basis from the end of September, onward.

Igor Zelenovskiy, President of The Fisher Barton Group, said: “Regrettably, the decision was made to close the Fountain Inn facility in the coming months. This is obviously very difficult news for our committed team of skilled people, many of whom have been with the company for several years. The decision to cease operations in no way reflects on the performance of the site or the calibre of the team in Fountain Inn. Unfortunately, at times organizations need to make decisions that are larger than individual facilities. In this case, we realized that we can no longer operate this facility and still achieve the future goals of The Fisher Barton Group.”

Laurens Co. Development Council says they will be working with employees to help get them jobs at other Laurens Co. plants.

The company says employees have been notified and they will be providing numerous means of assistance to help the employees with the transition process.

Fisher Barton’s website says they do precision metal stamping and fabrication.