Anderson Dist. 5 sued over student drug testing

TL Hanna High School
TL Hanna High School

An Anderson County family is suing District 5, after they say policy was violated in the drug testing of their son.

The minor was arrested in March for simple possession of Marijuana, according to the response filed by District 5. Because of that arrest, which was later dropped, the teen was drug tested by school employees, because he was a member of the football team. The teen received two drug tests over the course of several months, which tested positive for marijuana. The teen was deemed ineligible to play sports for District 5.

Because of the South Carolina High School League’s policy the teen would not be allowed to play sports at any high school in the state because of the ineligible status.

The teen’s lawyer, Chuck Allen, states the district failed their own drug test policy by not taking a split sample, which denied the teen the right to an appeal.

With just a handful of districts across the state testing athletes for drugs, Allen believes it is unfair to use that as a status of ineligibility for the entire state.

The SCHSL told 7 News over the phone that ineligibility means just that, and that it doesn’t matter how the student received the ineligibility.

As part of the lawsuit, they have filed a temporary injunction to reverse the ineligibility status. A judge is expected to rule on that injunction soon.