Man accused of child sex charges in Oconee Co.

Calvin Carroll Cochran
Calvin Carroll Cochran

OCONEE Co., SC (WSPA)- A Seneca man has been arrested on multiple child sex abuse charges, according to Oconee Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Calvin Carroll Cochran, 67, of S. Gate Drive is charged with:

Four counts of Dissemination of Obscene Material to a Minor under the age of 12
Four counts of Kidnapping
Four counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor – Third Degree.

The investigation started on July 27 when they got a complaint.

The complaint said there was inappropriate touching of three juvenile girls and a boy.

The children were asked to come into the house under the threat of violence and that law enforcement would be called if they didn’t, according to the report.

Investigators say pornographic movies were also playing inside the home while the juveniles were inside.

Cochran is also accused of having a small knife at the time.

Cochran is in jail on a combined $240,000 surety bond.

“These children were outside playing which is something that all of us enjoyed doing when we were children and were lured to come into this defendant’s home by threats of violence and a threat to call law enforcement if they failed to comply,” says Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw. “It is disturbing that law enforcement was used to lure the children into the house. Law enforcement is there to serve and protect all of our citizens, including our children and we have worked hard to build partnerships with all of our citizens, including our youth. I want to let all of our children and youth know that if they need us, we are there to help them and they are welcome, as all of our citizens are, to call us anytime. It has always been important to me to help protect those that sometimes can’t protect themselves. This includes the children and youth of our county. I hope our judicial system will ensure that this defendant is not given another opportunity to commit these types of crimes against children.”