What does it take to feed the Carolina Panthers?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to eat like a professional athlete?

With Carolina Panthers Training Camp in town, WSPA got a behind the scenes look at what it takes to feed the team.

Aidan Waite, the executive chef for the team, says after 22 years with the team, he has it down to a science.

“I walk in here at 4 a.m. On an average day, I’m working somewhere in the neighborhood of about 16 hours a day,” Waite says.

Over the last 22 years, he’s had to learn to adapt his style.. to the team’s nutritional needs and they’re preferences.

“When we first started, if they did steak every couple of days that was no big deal,” Waite says. “We are very more focused now on making sure they understand what’s in the food that’s being served.”

To feed the team, staff, and guests four times a day for nearly a month takes a lot of supplies.

“I start off with two 40 foot trailers of food, and we have a 32 foot trailer with drinks. That will probably get us through 2-3 days of menus,” Waite says.

At the end of the long work days Waite says it’s all about seeing the team relax, and enjoy a home cooked meal.

Some team favorites on the buffet line include waffles, macadamia nut cookies, and homemade smoothies.