Eclipse Countdown

Solar Eclipse

Greenville, SC (WSPA) – 7 News is counting down to the Carolina eclipse, we’re 18 days out from the historic event.

An estimated 1 million people are expected to see the total eclipse in a 70-mile strip across three major cities here in South Carolina, but while we’re focused on the sky – state troopers will be keeping their eyes on you.

Transportation officials say they will put messages like “don’t look up at the sun” on highway signs. and the highway patrol says all available troopers will be working to make sure roads remain as clear as possible.

The eclipse is just a few weeks away, people and agencies are getting ready. Jessica Stumpf is with Greenville Counties Emergency Management Division, “we are preparing for a large influx of people coming into the area into Greenville County.”

This is a once in a lifetime event for some, so they want to remember it, Zig Peret can see his friends getting ready for the event, “we’ve got friends that are bringing in people from all over the country.”

Although this event will only last a few moments, more people coming means lots of people will be sharing the roads.

Trooper Joe Hovis with the South Carolina Highway Patrol says his agency is working to keep people safe, “we want you to make sure you’re aware of people around you that’s also on the roads be aware of their movements and what they’re doing and that way we can all be safe. ”

If you find yourself on the road during the big event – remember to keep your eyes on the road, not the sky. you also shouldn’t plan to pull over and park while the eclipse is underway.

Trooper Hovis, “it’s illegal to stop on the interstate on an access controlled highway, for anything other than an emergency. if you do that you could be ticketed”
Big crowds means big room for error ..but upstate agencies say they’re ready.

Jessica – “that included law enforcement, Fire Department and EMS, we’re talking county agencies, parks and rec.”

Here’s one more thing to keep in mind, internet and cell phone service could slow down because of so many people sending live streams, taking pictures and making calls.