Peace Center pedestrian bridge closed Friday

Reedy River drained Peace Center Greenville dam

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – A stuck gate on a dam caused the Reedy River behind the Peace Center to drain, according to the City of Greenville.

The city says Public Works crews were doing maintenance on a sluice gate at the dam when the gate became stuck.

The water behind the Peace Center had drained because of the gate.

The city says engineers have plugged the sluice gate temporarily and the water level has returned to normal.

While they are working on a permanent repair, they are using a vacuum truck to remove debris near the gate.

The are closing the bridge to give them access to the river.

It is expected to be closed the rest of the day.

The city has also contacted the Department of Health and Environmental Control which will monitor the water quality downstream to make sure that there has been no disruption to the river bank or river bottom.

Greenville says there has been no negative impact on the river.