Anderson County park could see improvements in near future

Dolly Cooper Park could see new athletics fields soon.
One Upstate park has sat neglected for nearly a decade. Anderson County acquired the Dolly Cooper Park in the 1990s, but the first improvement wasn’t until 2012, which was the ADA compliant kayak and canoe launch.
Since then the community has pushed for park improvements, but the county didn’t have the funding until now. The county has $350,000 to spend this year to add a baseball and football field to the park.
Residents say with the major development and boom in population green space is needed in their community.
“You have to have great schools, great infrastructure, and parks are part of that and right now literally if Dad wants to take his daughter somewhere in Powdersville on a Sunday afternoon maybe have a picnic lunch there is no where to go,” said Josh Wiedemann/Athletic Director of Powdersville League of Athletic Youth.
This is hopefully just the beginning for this space. The Parks and Rec Commission will begin discussion on the plans for the fields at their meeting tomorrow night, but officials hope everything is up and running by next year.