Unused phone cost Laurens Co. taxpayers $840K

An independent audit of Laurens County’s phone lines revealed an expensive phone line that no one was using.

In May, Laurens County Administrator John Camie entered into a contract with Spyglass, a telecommunications auditor. Camie said the main point was for Spyglass to find areas that the county could cut costs to help the budget.

Camie reported preliminary findings from Spyglass to council at their July meeting on July 25th. Those findings revealed an T1 data line that led to the Laurens County Detention Center. The audit revealed that the line had not been used since 1996. Taxpayers have paid $3,300 a month for that line for 21 years, adding up to $840,000.

The way the audit would work is Spyglass would receive 100% of the funds from the unnecessary lines they find for one year, after that it would cease completely.

The council voted 4-2 to continue the audit. Councilman Ted Nash called Chairman Joe Wood the following day, recanting his vote. That action halted the audit indefinitely.

Council Chair Wood stated he was against the audit because the contract was signed without notifying council about it.

The phone line has still not been canceled.

The council will vote on the audit again tomorrow night at 5:30.