Federal lawsuit filed against Seneca Police Department

Tori Morton sheds tears while remembering the events of July 26th, 2015.

OCONEE Co., SC (WSPA) – New developments in the officer-involved shooting that sparked controversy and calls for change around the state. A lawsuit has been filed by the woman inside the car with Zachary Hammond the day he was shot by an officer with the Seneca Police Department. She blames the policies of the police and is demanding change.

Tori Morton was emotional as she sat next to her grandmother squeezing her hand. She says it took two years to get the courage to talk about what happened that tragic day in July 2015.

Now she wants justice and closure. Morton is suing the Seneca Police Department, Chief John Covington and former officer Mark Tiller after Tiller shot and killed Zachary Hammond while he was in the car with her. Police say Hammond tried to run over Tiller, which prompted the officer to open fire in self defense.

“I want police to do what they are suppose to do, they should have never killed Zach,” Morton said.

The police department said they can’t comment on active pending litigation.

The state is not pursuing charges against Tiller.

The FBI is still investigating.