Anderson arena football team coming to Anderson

ANDERSON- Another new arena football team is coming to the upstate.

The Upstate Dragons announced Wednesday afternoon that they are joining the American Arena League and will kick off a new season at the Civic Center of Anderson.

“Football means everything to me,” said Wyatt Rogers, 20, a player on the Upstate Dragons heading to Clemson in the Fall. “I’m excited to get back to playing.”

The teams’s 2018 season is scheduled to kick off in March, with 8 home games already in the books. Tickets are expected to run between $15-$25 a person.

“I think that we’ll have no problem filling the arena full of fans,” said Kent Merideth, coach and GM of the Upstate Dragons.

The Civic Center Manager told 7News that he believes those fans could bring in new business to the Anderson community.

“This will certainly bring people in who maybe have never been here before, because they’re football fans and want to see what arena football is all about,” said Glenn Brill.

Merideth explained the team practiced out of Greenville in 2016 as a travel team with the goal of building a fan base. Wednesday afternoon he told 7News that he’s confident the time under his belt will help the team take off.

“We’re not going to be here one year, but 20… 30 years down the road.”

Arena football isn’t new to the upstate. Greenville had at least 3 teams give arena football a shot over the years. However, the most recent team, the Greenville Force went under after facing financial hardship.

Coach Merideth said Wednesday that he has financial support from both investors and sponsors that will carry the team to victory, both on and off the field.

“Now all we have to worry about in 2018… is playing games,” said Merideth.

The Upstate Dragons are looking to create a cheerleading team. Inquiries can be made to Mary Ann Hamby-Rivest.

Her contact, along with more information about the team can be found here:

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