Mega Millions, Powerball jackpots both pass $300M

(WRIC) — While Tuesday night’s $307 million Powerball jackpot doesn’t even come close to the biggest prize ever, it is the first time another lottery jackpot rivals those dollar signs.

For the first time in seven years, both Powerball and Mega Millions are selling tickets to prizes of equally impressive numbers. In fact, the two lotteries have never offered winnings this big at the same time.

Mega Millions drew numbers last night for an estimated $350 million jackpot but there was no winner to those numbers. The jackpot for Mega Millions now grows to $382 million.

The numbers from last night’s Mega Millions drawing are 11-17-50-52-74-14.

The lump sum prizes are based on annuities paid over 29 years.The Mega Millions winner is looking at roughly $238 million and the Powerball winner is looking at roughly $193 million.