Man accused of pointing gun at woman, slamming her to the ground

Robert Norman
Robert Norman

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A man is accused of slamming a woman to the ground and pointing a gun at her, according to Spartanburg Police.

Police says Robert Norman, 23, is charged with Domestic Violence/ High and Aggravated and Possession of a Weapon during a Violent Crime.

The incident happened at Highland Crossing Apartment Apartments on August 9 around 10 a.m.

Police got a disturbance with a weapon call and were told the suspect had left the complex while they were on their way.

They spotted the suspect at the intersection of Beacon St. and Bunker St. and another person who had a pistol in his waistband.

The man with the gun ran, but they were able to chase down Norman in an empty lot on Concord Ave.


Norman said he and the woman got into a fight after their 3 year-old tore up Social Security cards.

He said the woman hit him and she hit her back. He then tried to lift her, but they fell into the TV.

He said he left and never had a gun. He told police he didn’t live at the apartment, he just stayed there sometimes.


The woman told police Norman had started yelling at her when she asked hi t fix a bottle for their 1 year-old daughter.

He then got angry when she asked if her wallet was laying beside the bed after she noticed their 2 year-old had gotten into her wallet, according to the woman.

She said he grabbed her by the back of the neck and slammed her into the TV.

She tried to get her cellphone to call 911, but Norman kept trying to snatch it away.

Norman slammed her to the ground, banged her head on the ground and pointed a gun at her and said “B*&!h, I’l shoot you trying to call the police,” according to the woman.

He the ran out of the apartment and she called police, according to the report.

The officer said he saw no visible injuries on the man or the woman, but the woman was crying and distraught.