Olympic swimmer teaches Haitian orphans to swim in NE GA

First female Olympic swimmer for Haiti teaches Haitian orphans how to swim.

(WSPA) – An orphanage of Haiti children are learning to swim thanks to an Olympic swimmer.

For the last two days, Olympic swimmer Naomy Grand’ Pierre has been spending time in the pool with these kids. This group is traveling the country singing with the organization “Love Him, Love Them” to raise money to help with improvements in their country.

When not busy helping others, these kids are fascinated by the pool. But none of them know how to swim, statistics show drowning is the number one cause of death in Haiti where less than one percent of the population knows how to swim.

That’s where Grand’ Pierre comes in, teaching people to swim is a cause near and dear to her heart because she’s lost three family members to drownings.

“So they have the steps.  They know how to swim in their heads so they can go even if they don’t have water to teach their friends how to swim the strokes, how to hold your breath under water, I think it’s really great and they are inspired to teach people that swimming is for everybody,” Grand’ Pierre said.

Grand’ Pierre’s goal is to change the culture in that you don’t have to be afraid of the water and everybody can swim if they just have to learn. She was the first female to swim in the Olympics for Haiti.