Upstate asst. football coach’s teaching license suspended

A Laurens District 55 Defensive Coach, will remain on staff, after a teaching license investigation revealed inappropriate behavior at Mauldin High School in Greenville County in 2016.

According to the ruling from the Department of Education, Tommy Lee Taylor became under investigation after a complaint from the Greenville County School District.

Taylor was placed on administrative leave as the Mauldin Football Coach and the assistant athletic director in December. Taylor gave the Department of Education a written statement, in which he admitted to engaging in inappropriate relationships on school grounds with other adults. The ruling states that Taylor was engaging in inappropriate physical relationships with school employees on school grounds. Taylor also admitted to taking and sending inappropriate photos while on school grounds.

Taylor resigned from the Greenville County School District in January, stating in a letter that he was taking responsibility for his actions and getting counseling for his behavior.

Although the ruling came down from the Department of Education on August 8th, it states his license was suspended from January of 2017 to January of 2018. Taylor must also engage in ethics and professional boundaries classes for his license to be reinstated.

Taylor was announced as part of the Laurens District 55 coaching staff in April. District 55 states that they are aware of the ruling, and say that Taylor will not teach until his license in reinstated. Taylor will remain on the coaching staff.

Greenville County School stated they were unable to comment past the findings in the Order of Suspension of Taylor’s license.