New report ranks Clemson University safest campus in nation

Clemson University ranks safest campus in nation in new report.

PICKENS CO., SC (WSPA) – In the next two weeks, thousands of college students will be heading back to school and a new study will help put some parents minds to ease.

In a new report by, Clemson University has the safest campus based on crime. The study used crime statistics for the top 100 attended colleges in the country and a survey of 179,000 students. Clemson students agree with the results.

“There’s tons of lighting then they have little emergency posts with blue lights on them I guess you could call for help and then they send out texts and there are sirens when there are weather emergencies,” said Berti Junginck, Clemson senior.

In the report, students were asked their top safety concerns and 29 percent said they had no concerns at all. Some concerns that did make the list were excessive drinking, walking alone and theft.