PICS: Rallies held in the Upstate after violent protests in VA


(WSPA) – People gathered around the Upstate Sunday and held rallies after the violent protests in Charlottesville.

In downtown Spartanburg, people gathered around the Daniel Morgan statue for a peaceful march in Morgan Square.

There were no counterprotests.

The group said they wanted to express their views after the events in Charlottesville and to speak out for civil rights for all Americans.

“I feel like we have to take a stand, we’re not going back, we’re not going back to segregation, and we’re not going back to Jim Crow, and we’re not going back to keeping people down because of the color they are or what sex they are for that matter,” said Don Bramblett with Spartans for Civil Rights.

In downtown Greenville, people marched with “Black Lives Matter” signs, as well as Confederate flags.

“That’s the one thing that we have on both sides of this. We have people who are so polarized, they don’t want to listen to understand what people are saying,” said Melanie Gordon with the United Methodist Church. “Let’s sit down, down in the park and be part of one another’s lives. Let’s build relationships, because the only way we are really going to change this, it’s by being in a relationship with one another.”

A group of pickup trucks carrying Confederate flags parked near the Confederate memorial on North Main Street.

People yelled at them as they got out of the trucks and marched with the flags to the Peace Center, according to our crew on the scene.

Police blocked streets in downtown Greenville and some traffic was rerouted due to the demonstrations.

Another rally was held Sunday in Hendersonville.

No violence occurred at any of the events.

The pictures from Hendersonville were taken by 7News viewer Jonah Isserman.

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