Beware of scam callers claiming to be with DirecTV

(WSPA) – A warning tonight about a sneaky phone scam that could drain your bank account. It targets potential or existing customers of DirecTV.

Jaime Kimsey in Spartanburg has been a DirecTV customer for more than a decade, and had her fair share of promotional calls.

“You never know if they’re legit or not,” said Kimsey.

It wasn’t until we told her that there are scam callers impersonating DirecTV, that she realized she may have been a target.

“They are asking me for information, like they want you to verify your account number, and I guess your address and stuff like that. But there has got to be a way that you can tell if they’re real or not real,” she said.

DirecTV told 7News quote “It’s a red flag if a customer receives a call and is then asked to verify his or her customer information.”

The company is warning people about a current scam where the callers offer a bogus DirecTV deal. You get a huge discount on your monthly bill, but the catch: You have to pay 6 months up front using an Amazon gift card.

Victims don’t realize it, until their next bill comes and there’s no credit. What’s worse, the scammers can spoof your caller ID, to make you think it’s really from DirecTV.

Sandra Lanier in Inman thinks that’s what happened to her.

“I would just flat tell them, I’m not interested and hang up on them,” said Lanier.

“Knowing that this scam is out there and that it exists it’s just trying to figure out who I’m talking to and knowing who I’m providing my information to,” said Kimsey.