Eye dangers for kids during solar eclipse

(WSPA) – The pending eclipse has certainly become a big learning opportunity for kids. But the serious threat of eye damage poses a real danger.

So 7News looked into how daycares and schools will be keeping children safe. And parents may want to take their cue from educators and eye specialists who have given this a lot of thought.

The grade school kids at the Goddard School in Simpsonville have been working on craft projects that have as much to do with safety as fun.

They’ve created viewing boxes, and paper plate masks with the certified eclipse glasses.

Also, no child under 5 here at Goddard will be allowed to go outside during the eclipse.

“We decided on that to be honest because when you’re looking at children that are 4 and under, typically they don’t have an understand of what’s safe and not safe,” said Kim Groves the Director.

That’s not to say these preschoolers won’t get the experience. NASA’S live stream will be up on the projector in many rooms.

Other daycares are choosing to go on total lockdown, shifting naptime so the kids are asleep during the eclipse.

Optometrist Justine O’Dell says it comes down to how much you feel you can trust your child to follow strict rules, since there’s no going back.

“There is damage that can be caused that is irreversible. There’s no way to get it back, and you won’t feel anything while you’re looking at the sun,” said Dr. Justine O’Dell with Spartanburg Vision.

But it’s not just the younger kids that has Spartanburg District 5 Superintendant Dr. Scott Turner concerned.

“12, 13-year-olds could be home and not realize the impact of what it would be if they were home, their parents left them there, they’re capabale of taking care of themselves, but they don’t understand the severity of if they go out when it is and they look up, we just want them to be where they can be supervised,” said Turner.

That’s why the district is still in session Monday.

Nomatter the age, educators say having a plan, and prepping the kids days in advance will keep you out of the doctors office after seeing what is truly out of this world.