Police poke fun at teens who tried to look ‘cool’ by mocking them

Credit: WCMH

LAWRENCE, KS (WCMH) — Police in Kansas are letting everyone in on the joke after two teens trying to look tough in front of a police car ended up the laughingstock of Twitter.

A Twitter user named Blake Albert tweeted a short video of a young man squatting in front of a city vehicle and blowing out a cloud of vape smoke. He tagged the Lawrence, Kansas police department in the video–apparently thinking it was a squad vehicle.

As the police pointed out, the teen was actually posing in front of a city water truck. “I’m sorry Blake, this is awkward, but that’s not a police car. You vaped in front of a water service vehicle. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” the police department Tweeted.

Blake said he was actually the person behind the camera and that his friend Alex is the one vaping in front of the truck. He also said that the duo couldn’t find a police truck, so settled on a water truck for their stunt.

The police department’s response has more than 133,000 Retweets and 422,000 Likes on Twitter as of 4pm Sunday.

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