Widow of firefighter killed in chase sues Greenville Co. Sheriff’s Office

(WSPA) –The widow of a North Greenville firefighter who was killed as Greenville County sheriff’s deputies chased a suspect has filed a lawsuit against the department.

In September 2015, deputies started chasing John Kennedy after they say he tried to run over a deputy.

A chase ensued on Highway 25 for more than 15 miles. At one point, former Sheriff Steve Loftis said supervisors called off the chase, as it had gotten too dangerous.

Kennedy continued into oncoming traffic, killing Jordan Howard, who was on his way to work at North Greenville Fire Department.

A lawsuit filed August 17th by Jordan Howard’s widow and her attorney Robert Phillips states that one deputy continued to pursue Kennedy, even after the chase had been called off.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment on pending litigation.

To read that lawsuit, click here: jordan howard lawsuit