Eclipse has economic effects on Anderson Co.

ANDERSON CO., S.C. (WSPA) – The crowds were out on Monday for the great solar eclipse.

The two and a half minutes of totality brought massive traffic into the Upstate.

With roughly 200,000 extra people, it easily became one of the largest events in Anderson County.

There was even a truck parked where people could sign their names and where they were traveling from.

Some of those locations included Brazil, South Africa, and NYC.

And, of course, those folks were buying gas and souvenirs while they were in the area.

The financial gain was felt all over the county, from business to business.

“August is usually our slowest time of the year, so to have a Monday, which is really slow, and to have a holiday-type traffic…”

The brothers who own the Palmetto Distillery felt the influx of people.

“The slowest time of the day was three minutes when everybody looked outside to look at the sun and came back right inside.”

They say it wasn’t just an opportunity for them, but a chance to build up the local businesses.

And while the eclipse was just a blink of an eye, the impact will be felt for years to come.