Parents learn of viral meningitis case at Upstate school

Union County Schools is informing parents about a case of viral meningitis. That’s the kind that is not as severe as bacterial meningitis, which can be fatal.

Superintendent Dr. Bill Roach sent home a notice today following a robocall yesterday informing parents that a Buffalo Elementary School student was diagnosed with the illness.

“Once we had done all that DHEC had required Us to do we went above and beyond. DHEC had told us that we did not have to notify, but we want to do that we want to make sure parents are in the loop,” he said.

DHEC only requires districts to notify parents if the Meningitis is the more serious bacterial version.

We checked in with other districts in the Upstate to see what is much more common in schools this first week of school.

Mabry Middle School School Nurse Carrie Thomas in Inman says:

“The stomach bug, that has been the first thing we’ve seen so far, I’ve probably had about 2-3 cases of that.”

She says by mid-September that bug and others like strep throat will be rampant in schools.

She says the main culprits are:

– Sharing food and drinks
– and forgetting to wash hands

Parents should keep in mind, if your child has a fever of more than 100 degrees they should stay home for 24 hours.

As for preschoolers, Dr. Ann Marie Edwards with Pediatric Associates of Spartanburg says these first few weeks back.. There is one sickness that prevails.

“Hand foot and mouth we see a lot in toddler age children that are getting back into daycare.”

Doctors say, in addition to good hygiene, making sure kids get 10 to 11 hours of sleep a night, will not only keep them healthy, but help them learn better in school.