BIG cat missing after scare, breaks through window

HARDEEVILLE, S.C. (WSAV) – Hardeeville residents are on the lookout for their lost African Serval Cat named “Toby.”

The owners say he was frightened by an unscheduled electric visit and broke through a window, escaping from their home.

Toby is about the size of a bobcat and looks like a small leopard.


His owners say that he is a cat rescue who was raised by the family on a bottle since he was a baby.

According to the family, “He won’t make a good pet for anyone but us, as these cats are only comfortable with their own family that raised him.”

They warn that he could scratch or bite, but is not mean by nature.

Toby escaped from his home in the unincorporated area of Highway 170 & 46 (Plantation Drive) in Hardeeville.

If you see the missing animal, call Beaufort County Animal Control at (843) 255-5010.

Contact News 3 by phone at (912) 651-0300 or by email & we will put you in touch with the family.