Island burning since weekend on Lake Hartwell

Island near River Forks Park burning since Saturday on Lake Hartwell.

ANDERSON, Co., SC (WSPA) – An island on Lake Hartwell is burning and has been since Saturday. The Corps of Engineers first found out about it when they got an influx of calls about seeing smoke at an island off River Forks Park in Anderson County. The Corps brought boaters out to take a look and make sure no one was on this island. Then they surveyed the fire and determined it was not a hazard to the community so they will just let it burn.

While residents in the area understand resources don’t need to be used to put out the fire, they are still disappointed by the smoke and pollution to the air.  There is no known cause of the fire, but residents want to remind boaters and campers to take care of the land.

“You need to make sure fires are out, that you don’t throw out cigarettes, it could have been fireworks possibly from the eclipse celebrations, or it could have been someone camping and didn’t put out their fire properly. It just harms everyone people who live on the lake people who enjoy the lake,” said Merry Boyd who lives on the lake.

The Corp said fires like this happen about once a year on Lake Hartwell either from human error or a lightning strike. But right now, all they can do is just wait for the fire to burn out or if rain that will put it out.