Teachers hand delivering school supplies to incoming students’ homes

EAST FLAT ROCK, NC (WSPA) — Some students are in for the quite the surprise Thursday.

Teachers with Flat Rock Middle School are getting on school buses and delivering supplies to their future students.

Students within the Henderson County School District go back on Monday, August 28th.

“To let them know that we care, it’s going to be like Christmas for us.  It really is,” said Assistant Principal Bruce Gillim.

Backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and other supplies fill a corner of the cafeteria.  Most of the items were donated by local churches, businesses, and people in the community.

Teachers will be heading out to several neighborhoods to hand deliver those supplies.

Organizers say they want to help parents as much as possible during a busy back-to-school shopping weekend.

“We want the parents of our students to know that they’re just as important to us as their kids are.  They’re giving us their most precious commodity every single day to take care of.  That’s the way you build trust is by building relationships,” said Assistant Principal Kelly Pratt.