Duke Energy wants to cancel Lee Nuclear, rate increase for NC

William States Lee III nuclear power plant.
William States Lee III nuclear power plant. From NRC website.

Duke Energy says they want to cancel the Lee Nuclear plant after the construction, Westinghouse Electric Company went bankrupt.

They say they are seeking approval from the NC Utilities Commission (NCUC) to cancel the project.

The site is located in Gaffney, SC.

They will be keeping the license to build at the site in the future if it’s in the best interest of customers.

Duke Energy says they are also requesting a 16.7% rate increase for NC residential customers and 10.9% increase for industrial customers.

They say a house that uses 1,000 kilowatt hours would pay about $122.68 which would be a $18.72 increase.

The rate increase is to pay for modernizing power plants, generating cleaner electricity, improve relaibility and manage coal ash.

They say they have retired half of its older coal plants and replaced them with cleaner natural gas plants. The have also created two new solar sites in Monroe and Mocksville, NC.