Executive Order Cuts Abortion Funding

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed an executive order to cut funds to companies with an affiliation to an abortion clinic.
South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed an executive order to cut funds to companies with an affiliation to an abortion clinic.


South Carolina (WSPA) –

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is cutting access to clinics that provide abortions.
He signed an executive order directing state agencies to stop giving state or federal funds to facilities that have any affiliation with an abortion clinic.
It’s a hot topic across the Palmetto State that has a lot of of people speaking out for and against the order.
The topic of abortion and “funding the procedure” is a hot issue and with a stroke of the pen the governor brought that conversation to the forefront once again.
For some an abortion is a right, for others it’s a moral issue. South Caroline’s Governor Henry McMaster, issued an executive order to stop all federal and state funding to organizations connected with facilities that perform the procedure. Spartanburg Representative Steven Long says taxpayer dollars are at the heart of the issue, “taxpayer money wasn’t being spent directly for the abortion services, but they were helping subsidize the abortion services, through the other things they might offer.”
Dan Hazard is against the order and says offering a safe place to have the procedure is a right, “abortions are legal in the united states, to come out with an executive order that bars funding for abortion clinics is basically in violation of an established law.”
The upstate doesn’t have a planned parenthood faculty, but there are clinics in Charleston and Columbia.
However, places like the Greenville Women’s Clinic is one of many private organizations that offer the service.
Piedmont Women’s Center finds support from private donors, the governors actions are in line with their expectations, “they are thrilled that the governor is speaking for the conscious of our state and the people in our community.”
Federal law already prohibits using medicaid money to pay for abortions. This executive order adds teeth to the current law by saying, any agencies affiliated with abortion clinics will no longer receive state or federal dollars; abortion clinics will no longer be listed on the state provider network and
Department of Health and Human Services will make a list of non-abortion facilities available to the public.
Planned Parenthood also issued a statement it reads in part “today’s executive order issued by Governor McMaster hurts South Carolinian’s in the name of politics.” it goes on to say….
“this is not over, and we’ll leave no stone unturned to protect our patience access to health care.”
it’s a sentiment Dan embraces, “we have two girls and i don’t want to have them grow up in a place that has such little regard for their own safety.”
Planned Parenthood South Atlantic serves more than 4,000 people each year in South Carolina.