WYNIT closing Greenville distribution center, 140 people affected

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – WYNIT Distribution announced they are closing their Greenville division.

They say 140 people will be impacted.

WYNIT released the following statement:

Due to a number of unexpected financial issues combined with a disappointing holiday selling season, WYNIT Distribution LLC announced a reorganization today that will close its Wholesale Distribution Division based locally.
The company will maintain its Software Publishing Division and Supply Chain Service Division, which are located in Minnesota, said Pete Richichi, the company’s chief operating officer. The closing of the Greenville division affects 140 people. A transition team will stay in Greenville through the end of the year to help facilitate the reorganization.
WYNIT moved the division to downtown Greenville roughly two years ago from Syracuse, New York. While there were a lot of incentives talked about as part of the company’s move, Richichi stressed the company never took any money from South Carolina taxpayers.
“We are grateful for the welcome Greenville and South Carolina gave to us,” Richichi said. “This is not what we wanted or expected. Unfortunately, we were unable to adjust fast enough to unforeseen changes. This was purely a financial decision. Our hope is we emerge a better company.”