Sites revealed for new school ahead of $109 million bond vote

LAURENS COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – We’ve learned where a new high school could be located if Laurens County voters approve a $109 million bond referendum.

“Many of our citizens have expressed a reluctance to say yes, without knowing the exact location of the school,” said Terri Martin, Laurens County School District Board of Trustees Vice Chair. “We have tried to maintain confidentiality in order to avoid price inflation.”

Several school board members were at a press conference held at the “vote yes” campaign’s headquarters.

“Aged building system and equipment represent a financial and operational risk to the district,” said Martin. “We just believe this is the best decision for our students, for our school district and for this community.”

They unveiled three areas under consideration for the new school. One is off highway 76, across from the current high school. Another is off Raider Road behind LDHS. And, property near Bilo is on the table as well.

“That’s just three hints. That’s what that is,” said Keith Tripp, who helped lead the Vote No campaign. “In the last few days, that’s kind of suspicious to me. I want to see this with my own eyes. I can’t make a judgement off of that.”

Laurens Dist. 55 Vote precinct locations.

A judgement about whether the new school is worth the tax increase. Signs of all sizes are now seen throughout a community with a big decision.

“Will cost the average family 20 dollars per month in home and personal property taxes combined,” said Martin.

“There’s no such thing as an average person,” said Tripp. “It’s going to hit different people in different ways.”

District leaders say, as back-up, there are other potential properties within 1-3 miles of the current high school.

More than 550 people have already cast absentee ballots, before the September 5th vote.