Powdersville community prepares for upcoming Town Hall

Powdersville community continues to grow in Anderson County.

ANDERSON Co., SC (WSPA) – Residents of Powdersville are gearing up for a town hall expected to draw hundreds on Thursday. It’s in response to the community’s concern for the growing development. Over the last five years, the community has exploded in growth going from small and agricultural to a bustling area.

But with that growth comes the need for a plan. So one resident started a survey ahead of Thursday’s meeting to find out where the community stands on the next steps. After more than 450 responses, there is no true leader. Out of the responses for if the area should zone and incorporate, 22 percent responded “no”, 54 percent “yes” and another 20 percent “not sure.”

“In the survey, a lot of the responses their main concerns were emergency services. While our fire department does a great job, is it time to get a paid fire department? Or more police and EMT services?” said Justin Williams, a Powdersville resident.

While no one has the answer to what’s best for this community, the goal for the town hall is the talk it all out with the community and county leaders to find out what’s best and how they can do it.

The town hall will be at Powdersville High School on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. and the survey will be open to take right up until the meeting.