Asheville Police find runaway teenager safe

Valentina Kudlek

August 31, 2017 Update

Asheville Police say Valentina Kudlek was found late Wednesday afternoon and was taken into custody.

A tip led officers to find her in the Asheville Mall parking lot around 5:50 pm. She was returned to Eliada Home where officers say she was reunited with her parents.

Kudlek is getting “the appropriate, professional care she needs” according to Asheville Police.

Original story

ASHEVILLE, NC (WSPA) – Asheville Police are asking for help to find a runaway teenage girl who officer say is not taking prescribed behavioral medications.

Valentina Kudlek, 17, left the Eliada Home in West Asheville on August 23.

Investigators believe she is still in the area and may be found near downtown or in public housing areas in West Asheville.

We’re told she may possibly have a wound or infection in her arm that needs treatment.

If you have any information about Valentina Kudlek, call Asheville Police Department at (828) 252-1110 or Detective Sean Davis at (828) 271-6127.