Furman basketball sends t-shirts, gear to Houston for Harvey Relief

By Kirsten Glavin

The Furman University men’s basketball team is one of the many teams nation-wide now sending excess gear to Texas to help with hurricane relief.

Coach Bob Richey explained he was scrolling through his twitter feed Monday when he saw a tweet from the University of Houston basketball coach, Kelvin Sampson.

Sampson, in a tweet, called on coaches across the country to send him gear to help those displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

“Once we saw that, we definitely wanted to give back,” said coach Richey. “And we’re just fortunate to have all of the things we do in a division one program. One of those things is an abundance of gear.”

The Furman team packed up t-shirts, sneakers and other athletic gear that they said otherwise would have just sat in their closet unused.

Two big boxes were shipped to Houston Tuesday morning.

“The whole Furman basketball team is obviously sorry and our prayers are going out to Houston,” said player Jonathan Jean.

“This is a small thing, putting gear in a bunch of boxes and sending it out,” said Richie. “But its going to have some type of impact and we’re just glad that we could partake.”

Other universities across the country decided to partake in the donation process as well.

On twitter there was an outpouring of support from coaches who sent in photos of boxes en route to Houston.

Some of those schools included Washington State, which tweeted photos of boxes and shirts with the hashtag “Houston strong.”

Florida Gulf Coast University and Huntingdon college in Alabama were among some of the many others.

“My prayers and thoughts go to the cities and communities out there. We pray that everything will work out in your hands and God’s got you,” said Jean.