Greenville City Council approves millions for new hotel by Falls Park

Falls Park
Falls Park

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – A new hotel is coming to downtown Greenville with some help from city council.

Plans for a new $75 million Grand Bohemian Hotel built on the property where the Wyche Law Firm sits are moving along. City Council says they’re hoping to make the area by Falls Park more inviting.

City council is using $3.5 million from their $7.5 million dollar tax surplus money which is used for economic development. The money will be used in the earlier phases of the project to improve the landscape around what will be the hotel.  They’ll also be building a brick entrance similar to the area along Main Street in front of the Poinsett Hotel.

“Really just to enhance the public property, the outside piece to make sure it ties in to Falls Park,” Greenville Mayor Pro Tem, Jil Littlejohn said.

Some people were concerned that it wouldn’t fit in to the aesthetics already present.

“Originally what they proposed did not go through, but we kind of put a spin on it to make sure it’s Greenville-esque,” Littlejohn said.

City Council is hoping the hotel will bring more and diverse people to the area.

“A lot of people walk across the bridge, and they kind of stop, so now, we will have another area that kind of overflows and connects on the other side, so it becomes a more fluid park than it’s been in the past,” Littlejohn said.

Some people think the development will be good for the city.

“If you do have guests in a boutique hotel here, they’ll make use of the park,” said resident, Sonia Col. “They’ll run. It’ll be nice.”

The company says they’re tweaking designs for the hotel.

They hope the project will be done by 2019.