Carjacking suspect arrested at Dorman Centre

Jamarco Henderson
Jamarco Henderson

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A man has been arrested after multiple witnesses saw him try to carjack a man at the Dorman Centre, according to a Spartanburg Police report.

Police say they got a call about a larceny in progress on 8/31.

One the way there, they were told it had been upgraded to carjacking and a disturbance.

A loss prevention officer (LPO) for Home Depot said a man, later identified as Jamarco Henderson, 34, took and item and tried to leave the store without paying.

The LPO identified himself to the suspect, and Henderson pushed past him and continued to walk out the door.

The LPO was able to get one of the items and Henderson charged at him and he had to push him to the side or be knocked over.

Henderson took off across the parking lot with another item and the LPO followed him as he called 911, according to the report.

The LPO says Henderson tried to force himself into several occupied vehicles.

He yelled to warn people to not open their doors or windows.

A minivan slowed down and partially rolled down the passenger window. Henderson reached in, opened the door and got inside, according to the report.

Henderson then tried to force the driver out and was leaning over and pressing on the gas pedal with his hands.

The LPO then tried to pull Henderson from the van, but couldn’t because of his size. Henderson then kicked the LPO in the ribs.

Multiple witnesses say they saw Henderson get into the van and attack the driver.

Henderson is charged with:

Carjacking without great harm (2 counts)
Assault & Battery 3rd degree
Shoplifting =< $2000