Suspect shot after they hit officer with car says Myrtle Beach Police Chief

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach Chief of Police Amy Prock released a video statement Tuesday saying police fired at the car after the suspect hit a police officer with their vehicle.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is investigating the officer-involved shooting that happened Sunday night.

According to Captain Joey Crosby, the shooting happened on 21st Avenue South in Myrtle Beach around 11:30 p.m. when a person driving a car almost hit a security officer. That’s when Myrtle Beach police responded and found the vehicle and the driver on South Ocean Boulevard at the Mystic Sea Motel. While officers were investigating, Captain Crosby says officers had to discharge their weapons and one person was sent to the hospital.

Chief Prock says police tried to make a traffic stop and when the car turned into the parking lot, the driver maneuvered their vehicle toward officers and struck an officer.

“At that time, due to the subject’s actions, officers discharged their firearms. Officers immediately rendered aid and the subject was transported to the hospital,” Chief Prock stated in the video.

Police say they can’t offer any more details because its an ongoing investigation.

In the video, Chief Prock called the shooting “unfortunate,” “rare,” and “random,” and also expressed sympathy for everyone involved in the incident.


“Officers were presented with an emergency situation. They acted swiftly, and in a manner to protect themselves and the citizens that were in that area. Of course no officer ever wants to harm anyone, however, as sworn protectors of the peace, sometimes situations present themselves that require officers to have to make life and death decisions,” Chief Prock added.

Myrtle Beach police have identified the officers involved in the shooting as PFC. Justin Lieberth and PTL Drew Fox. Both have been placed on administrative duty, pending the completion of the investigation, according to police.

Photos from viewer Rex Newsome show a white car riddled with bullet holes and seats splattered with blood.

SLED is investigating because it’s an officer-involved shooting.

Tuesday, Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes released a statement thanking SLED for their help.

“Our police officers have a tough job every day, and we look to them to provide protection for the public. They do not like using force, but it can be required in some instances. As is usual, the city has turned the investigation of Sunday night’s shooting on South Ocean Boulevard over to SLED, and we await their independent results. Our thanks go out to the Police Department daily for their efforts.”