AAA says relief at the pump will depend on Irma

Credit: WRIC

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Gas prices have jumped 30 cents per gallon in the past week, according to AAA. Drivers across the area have felt the pinch and the dramatic jump has also cut into profits for some businesses.

“To have those prices go up, it hits our bottom line,” said Renae O’Reilly, owner of Edible Arrangements in Chesterfield County.

She says deliveries to customers, and deliveries to her store, are costing more because of prices at the pump.

“We have our budget set for what we anticipate and all these unusual happenings can be quite frustrating,” said O’Reilly.

AAA spokesperson Tammy Arnette explained that “when Colonial Pipeline shuts down, when refineries shut down, suspend operations, we’re going to see an impact of gas prices.”

Arnette added, though, that they are starting to see some signs of relief.

“They are starting to slow,” she explained. “In fact, just overnight we’ve seen gas prices just go up a penny here in Virginia. We expect this week that they’ll probably continue to rise a little bit.”

She says while prices will most likely rise 10 to 15 cents more in the next week, prices could start to head in the other direction within a few weeks.

“The good news is these types of spikes are usually temporary and we could start seeing a relief around the end of September going into October,” she said.

But Arnette said that will all depend on Hurricane Irma.

Meanwhile, O’Reilly says things could be worse.

“Of course we never want to have to pass that on to the consumer and we’ll try to do what we can here locally,” she said.

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