Personal property preps that can protect your home and family ahead of Irma

Forcasters say, whichever path Hurricane Irma takes, the system is so large, the Upstate will get hit with heavy rain and gusty winds.

So it’s important to take steps we can start taking now to protect our property over these next few days before the bad weather arrives.

If anyone had a good excuse to avoid adding to an already long “to do” list, it would be Catherine Baehr, a mother of triplet two-year-olds in Inman.

But memories from her own childhood of when Hurricane Hugo sent a tree down on her Charlotte home, are a call to action in these quiet days before Irma comes to town.

“You can’t underestimate a little piece of patio furniture and a 100 mile an hour gust, you know that would be a nice weapon to crack a window or something,” said Baehr.

So over the next three days, she plans to put away the toys and outdoor furniture, and and inspect the trees.

Insurance expert, Pam Horner with Assure South says you may also want to inspect your neighbors trees.

“If a neighbor’s tree just comes down from an act of God, in other words the wind just blows it down or whatever into your house, his insurance is not going to cover it. It will be covered by your own homeowner’s insurance,” she said.

Informing your neighbor, in writing, could transfer the liability to them, instead.

You’ll also want to prepare for a power outage. Making sure your grill has propane is a smart move. It may be the only way you can cook after the lights go out.

These lanterns also come in handy, and lots of bottled water.

In that event, your insurance will cover whatever spoils in your fridge, however if there’s no other damage to your house it may not make sense to file, since you will have to pay a deductible, which would likely cost more than replacing the food.”

Baehr, may be short on time, but she has three good reasons to prepare for the worst, as she hopes for the best.

“We’ve got precious cargo here,” she said, looking at her kids.

Before storms like this, it’s also a good idea to make sure your insurance documents and any other important documents are stored in a waterproof., even fire proof container. If anything, know where they are so you can get them if you have to leave.