Upstate farm opening doors for hurricane evacuees and their livestock

Barefoot Farms of Belton opens doors for people escaping Hurricane Irma.

BELTON, SC (WSPA) – An Anderson County woman is opening her home and farm to any hurricane evacuees. Kathy Whitby said during natural disasters people always struggle to find shelters that will allow them to bring their pets, but it’s an even bigger problem to figure out what to do with your livestock.

“There is this need for how to take care of your animals, and most farmers don’t even think oh my gosh I can put all my animals in this field and open up this one. It’s just a week not like you are going to be here for month,” Whitby said.

She is opening her land at Barefoot Farms of Belton and welcoming anyone or any animal that needs a home to ride out the storm to head to her farm.