Utilities prepare for Hurricane Irma, advice for customers

(WSPA) – Hurricane Irma’s strong winds could down power- lines across the Carolinas, including the Upstate.

Power companies are watching the storm closely and getting ready to respond.

“We take tropical weather of any kind very seriously,” said Duke Energy Spokesman Ryan Mosier. “It’s going to bring a lot of wind. It’s going to bring a lot of rain. And it’s going to bring a lot of damage to electrical systems.”

Mosier says the company is making plans and getting the necessary tools – such as equipment and supplies – in order.

“Making sure we have everything we at least need to get started with any kind of storm recovery,” said Mosier.

It’s a similar mentality for Greer Commission of Public Works.

“Just to determine what all we have and what we could use in the event of a large storm that comes and knocks out power to our area.”

As for the people working after the storm, Mosier says duke energy is scheduling their crews.

“Our folks are in place across the Carolinas at their operation centers,” said Mosier. “Also getting their families ready for what could be folks away from home for an extended period of time.”

During that time, both utilities are asking customers to prepare too.

“In the event that we have to call people about an emergency, update their contact phone number with us,” said Rauch.

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“Make sure your family’s ready,” said Mosier. “Make sure you have the supplies you need for multiple days without power.”

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Both duke energy and Greer CPW also want customers to pay attention to their social media pages where they’ll be sending updates as well.

Links: Duke Energy Facebook and Twitter

Links: Greer CPW Facebook and Twitter