Researchers talk Irma impact for Upstate

South Carolina is home to the only research center in the world that tests how homes will stand up to hurricanes, hail, and rain storms.

The Institute for Business Home and Safety, located in Richburg, in Chester County, studies hurricanes impacts on structures and what they can do to improve it.

With 105, 5 1/2 feet tall fans, the IBHS can create 130 mile per hour winds, which equate to a Category 3 hurricane.

The Upstate will not see those force winds, but instead somewhere between 40-60 miles per hour gusts. So what will that be like? IBHS researcher Dr. Anne Cope suggests equating that to being strapped down on a car while driving down the interstate. Cope suggests looking around your home to find low hanging branches or brush that could cause damage to your home. Cope also suggests anchoring lawn furniture.

If you are in a manufactured home, make sure you know what wind level your structure can handle. You can find out more information on manufactured home safety, by clicking here.

No matter the strength of the storm, make sure you close all interior doors. That will compartmentalize any air from the storm that comes inside, to minimize damage.

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