School district leaders monitor forecasts, no closures announced

(WSPA) – Parents are now asking if schools will be closed early next week because of the storm.

District leaders across the Upstate say they’re playing the waiting game for now.

As we continue monitoring forecasts for Hurricane Irma parents are waiting for word on school closures.

“It’s a little frustrating,” said parent Teresa Briggs. “As a working parent and not knowing how to plan my day or my work schedule, it kind of puts me a little on edge.”

Turns out she’s not alone.

“We’ve had parents contact us, we’ve had students contact us,” said Spartanburg County School District 6 Chief Communications Officer Cynthia Robinson. “Safety is our top priority so when we hear something about Hurricane Irma possibly causing impact here in the Upstate then we consistently stay in contact with the National Weather Service.”

In particular Spartanburg’s District 5 Superintendent says in addition to power outages, flooding, and wind speed.

“If we have a lot of power outages then we wouldn’t be able to have school,” said Dr. Scott Turner. “What will be the velocity of the winds. If the sustained winds are over 30 miles per hour, we can’t use our buses.”

District leaders will notify parents as soon as possible getting the word out by phones website apps or social media pages.

“We know that parents need to plan ahead but in situations like this it’s a little bit challenging,” said Robinson.

“I understand that they need to wait,” said Briggs. “I would rather them air on the side of caution than try it and put somebody in harm’s way.”

Spartanburg District 5, Greenville County Schools, and Anderson district one say they’ll make a decision regarding closures on Sunday.

Districts will also notify us here at 7 News, and we’ll get that information to you on air, online at, and with our 7 News app.