Kohlhepp’s victims’ families respond to letter in New York Post

Todd Kohlhepp (Source: SC Dept. of Corrections)

The New York Post published an article over the weekend, quoting out of a letter that they say Todd Kohlhepp sent them from prison.

In May Todd Kohlhepp was sentenced to 7 consecutive life sentences for the 7 people he murdered and the sexual assault and kidnapping of Kala Brown.

According to the Post, Kohlhepp says that all of his victims were criminals. The only remorse he showed was saying he knew what he did was wrong.

Charlie Carver’s father, Chuck Carver, says he’s frustrated by the article. “I was mad for the simple fact that he portrayed everyone to be bad people, when I know for a fact they’re not,” said Carver.

Melissa Brackman, Superbike owner Scott Ponder’s widow, sees the letter as a cry for attention. “There’s no power that he has, nothing he can do except write handwritten letters on lined paper in a cell,” said Brackman.

Although there were several details quoted in the Post article, the paper only posted one page of the letter. Chuck Carver is asking that they reveal all of the pages, so that he can see everything Kohlhepp had to say.

To read the full article from the New York Post, click here.