CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Tree slams into SUV on highway in GA

Caught on dashcam video.

A large tree falls across an Atlanta-area road, striking and lifting an SUV off the ground.

The man driving behind her just happened to be recording the storm.

Watch this dashcam video for just a few seconds and you’ll see just how fortunate April Baxter is.

“It started falling and I closed my eyes and I hit the brakes and started screaming,” said Baxter.

April was in her SUV traveling about 40 miles an hour Monday on Highway 92 in Griffin.

“We live in a mobile home so i was trying to get to safety,” said Baxter.

That’s when she saw a tree start to fall.

“It’s scary. It’s just scary. and I thought this is it. This is the end. I’m done.”

She was headed to her sister-in-law’s house to meet up with her husband and stay there for the night.
Monday evening, Robby Baxter holds his wife tight.

He saw the video too.

“I closed my eyes and then the airbags popped. so, it was all so fast. very fast,” said April.

Tonight, she’s taking medication for her injuries.

A seatbelt burn, strained muscle in her shoulder from holding the steering wheel so tight, her knee hurt, and so is her big toe.

april baxter:
“Thank you. Thanks to everybody that stopped. But after seeing the video, I’m very thankful,” said April.

Thankful that the man who recorded the video didn’t slam into the back of her.

Thankful she wasn’t a few seconds later.

Thankful she wasn’t crushed by that tree.

“Survived Irma, yes,” said April.

The man who recorded the video says he’s just happy Baxter is okay.

Three Irma-related deaths were recorded in Georgia.

Two of those were caused by falling trees.

Overall seven deaths in the US were blamed on Irma.